3 Methods Proven you can quickly find your missing pets

3 Methods Proven you can quickly find your missing pets

For someone who lost their pet, here we have 3 proven methods that works.

Usually the best thing we can do are;
1. If the case is due to get stolen
Quickly share a shoutout on your missing pet at social media & best comes with rewards that are of the same market value of the selling breed. This is because if it’s get stolen and plan to sell it off it’s a lot easier for seller to return back to you since the selling price is about the same for them. The longer you drag, the lower the chance of finding it due to they might be sending off for breeder or sell to Thailand

2. If the case is due to run away for a quick freedom or playful
The pet owner (or the pet’s closest member with the pet) to hang their sweaty cloth at the balcony or outdoor. This is because the strong odor of the owner’s cloth will follow the wind to blow far and it is easily traceable by their pet especially dog. Thus, their will easily follow the scene route to reach home safely.

If it’s an aging dog that know their time is near, they might purposely ran out to ensure their owner not too sad watching they go. For that case, item 2 might not be useful.

3. If the case is due to run away for a quick freedom or playful (the links are for CATS owners)
There is another unconventional and unique method that had proven to work.
Which is by telling the strays  “Talking to cats in the neighborhood and saying to them, ‘If you see my cat, please tell it to come home’ is an effective technique.” And the next day for 2 days later their pet came back home.
Yes. It might sounds weird talking to some strays but hey the method works! This is not the once or twice of lucky cases. It’s more that that. If you like to check out more detail on this story. Click below 2 links for more evidence.



Best of luck for those that lost their family member (their pet). Hope the above methods might give you some helping hand.
If you happen to find this sharing useful for your friends or family. Feel free to share this knowledge.

Oh ya, for some side note. A good practice is you can always let them wear a name tag (especially when stepping outside your main entrance/gate) that comes with emergency contact.

Optionally, can consider purchasing a Pet GPS tracker. Refer below screenshot which easily found in Lazada or Shopee.