Common Amateur Photographers Bad Habit

Common Amateur Photographers Bad Habit


Below are 5 types of Photographer (Some might have combination of more than one)
1. MachineGun Photographer
2. The Old-Man Photographer

3. Vibrator Hand
4. Monkey Photographer
5. Emotionless Photographer

1. MachineGun Photographer

  • Love to use “Burst Mode”
  • Slight moments have an average of 10 shots
  • Same moment, same composition just slight movement
  • In average, this person will give triple or more photos comparing to average
  • Tons of post processing needed (Need to delete off majority of the photos)
  • Photos barely usable (below average)
  • They play safe and not sure which moment is the most important to capture


2. The Old-Man Photographer

  • An average number of photos taken by wedding photographers is typically around 500 images per event, this type of photographer only manage to capture about 150 images
  • They are not sure what moment to capture
  • During the event they usually look like dreaming most of the time
  • Snap & Check Preview per shot slower than usual
  • Basically the whole activity movement slower than ordinary

3. Vibrator Hand

  • Instability Hand
  • When things are not stable, they start to snap
  • Camera shake – Do not hold the camera steady with both hands
  • Do not take care of “Shutter Speed” & “Focal Length”
  • Usually 50% of the photos are blurry
  • Especially subject moving moment (marching in etc)
  • It is worst when there are few moments happening at the same time
         (example: Gujarati event – Groom arrival or Wearing Garland or Dance Floor open moment)

4. Monkey Photographer

  • Love to jump here and there
  • Try to get more different angle shots
  • Most of the shots are blur (especially subject moving moment – example: marching in etc)
  • Usually during “Marching in moment” they follow the subject and jumping left to right during the moment
  • They worry might miss the moment as subject will pass by them very fast, so prefer to follow them and hoping to get more shots to play safe. Actual facts all the photos are BLUR!
  • Normally Monkey Photographer will have Vibrator Hand issue.

5. Emotionless Photographer

  • Picture turn out no soul/feeling
  • Looks dull, boring and sometimes weird
  • They do not know which is the right moment
  • They do not know how to get the best/most moment out of it

Above are some common issues you will find in freelancers or part time photographers due to lack of experiences & exposures in the event they are documenting.
When all the bad habits had been resolved, for us it’s consider first stage “Passed”.
We have 5 Stages a photographer need to “Pass” in order for us to consider them as experience Wedding Photographer.

Is the photographer you engaged in had resolved the above bad habits?
If not, please be careful as your once in a lifetime memories are at risk.


We don’t own the rights for all the above photos in this post. All the photos credit back to the actual source or photographer.


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