I am a Story Teller

I am a Story Teller

Is beautiful picture alone good enough?

What if a picture that is beautiful but not able to deliver a message…?
– it’s like a pristine build phone without an App
– a beautiful shaped car without Engine
– a pretty woman without a Character

A photo without emotion is soulless
Do you agree?

How about a photos that are like this?
Pre Wedding in Penang, Cheong Fatt Tze, Blue Mansion, Heritage Building, Oscar and Chihiro
Do you feel the two souls are connected?

Or this…

Cute, Fun and enjoying the music?

How is this possible?

Usually those photos fulfill 4 Criteria as below:
1. Good Lighting Effect
2. Right Angle & Composition
3. Your 1st & 2nd Attention
4. Message Delivery

Do you agreed?
Do comment below if you do have your own point of view.

Brief introduction of ourselves
We are one of the TOP Indian Wedding Photographers established since 2009 (more than 10 years). We had covered various types of Traditional Indian Wedding from Hindu, Achari, South Indian, Ceylonese, Gurjathi and more. We had been covering Indian Wedding assignments Nationally from West to East of Malaysia as well as overseas clients. You can rest assure we able to handle majority of your concern and worries.

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Is your big day fall in good wedding month?
Is your big day fall under weekends?
Then do not think twice if you have found the right photographer.
Experience photographer are booked 1 to 2 years in advance.
(There is a reason behind why they are booked so early)

Honestly, how many experience photographers have you found online?
If this is one of them that shortlisted, I would suggest do not delay as they might not be available on the following day.

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