Insider Tips for Couple: Thali Tying Moment (Aunty Blocking)

Insider Tips for Couple: Thali Tying Moment (Aunty Blocking)

Quite common problem couple will face during Thali Tying Moment is Aunty Blocking.
The main reason is aunties trying to help the couple (with good intention) but unfortunately they might not realize these things could happened.

Refer below example and you will understand what I mean.

So, the best way to avoid this thing from happening is all the uncles & aunties try NOT to help the couple.

They are adult now. 😜

Below are some examples when uncles/aunties do not help.

Hope you guys learn some tips from today’s topic.
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Do comment below if you found out other problems during Thali Tying Moment or a much more better way suggested above as well.


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