My Life Quadrant (Do you spend your Money or Time at optimum level?)

My Life Quadrant (Do you spend your Money or Time at optimum level?)

Everyone is facing the same issues. Which is limited resources (Money & Time).
Are you spending it at the optimum level most of the time? Or do not know where they were spend on end of the day?

Well, below is how I ask myself every time I spend my resources.
Basically you just ask yourself 2 simple questions and you will get a very clear answer for yourself.
1. Is the money/time I going to spend on is Important? (Yes/No)?
2. Is the money/time I going to spend on is Urgent? (Yes/No)?

If both are Yes. You know what you should do right?

Let me share with you a simple quadrant, I call this My Life Quadrant.

My Life Quadrant

As you can see the above chart will list down clearly which you should start on first.

Should you be spending your money on the fridge, the sofa or the vacation first?
Which task should you concentrate more on? Task A or Task B?

In this era, you do not require to write in a note pad / paper physically.
There are tons of apps available that suits you.

As for myself, since I am Android user. Below is the app (Tasks by Tarento) I downloaded from Google Play Store.
I find it very useful and straight forward.
Easily I can move the task from Quadrant B to Quadrant A & etc. Or remove off if my task is done.

For your convenience, you can click on this link for Android users.
Google play store, android play store, tasks app, by Tarento

Alternatively, you can try on other apps that you feel more convenience for you.
As long as it helps you in your life.

Cheers guys!
If you found any good apps that will bring better in our life, feel free to comment below as well.



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