Official eBook Distributor Guide

Official eBook Distributor Guide

Interested to be our Official Approve Distributor?

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We have all the guides and process in place to assist our reader to purchase the eBook.
As a distributor, your part is to introduce it to the potential buyer (Newly engaged couples or planning to get married soon friends).

To below link only  Click Here.

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Common Distributor FAQ

Q1. What is eBook?
A1. It is an Electronic Book read via your Smart Phone or iPad/Android Tablet

Q2. Any costs involve for me as an Official Approve Distributor?
A2. No cost require for you to register as Official Approve Distributor.

Q3. Who can be your official distributor for this eBook?
A3. Usually is Wedding Vendors or our Official Approve Distributor.

Q4. How I know the reader I introduce bought your book?
A4. We will ask the reader during Payment & Details stage. It’s totally transparent at your end.

Q5. How I know you had transferred my commission?
A5. We will notify you either via email or WhatsApp together with screenshot attachment.

Q6. If the reader not satisfy with the book and demand for refund, should I return back the commission I get?
A6. No. There is no refund needed from your side.

Q7. How can I know I am your Official Approve Distributor?
A7. If you are Approved Distributor, kindly provide your details for recording purpose (Name, Mobile, Company Name, Email & Bank Account Number)


If interested, how should I do after I become Official Distributor?

  1. After roughly explain this to your friends, relatives or your clients.
  2. Share to them this link (Click Here).
  3. That’s all. If they have further clarification can directly WhatsApp Bestienz 0124482235