If you see someone driving a luxurious car, it might indicate that they’ve had solved a lot of problems and done things in details.

The bigger the car is, the bigger the responsibilities he/she is carrying on both his/her shoulder.

1. Provided he is not involved in illegal activities.
2. If you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth (please pray to God you can be reborn with such background in the next life too)
3. His financial situation must be able to support his lifestyle for 10yrs above (or else he might be facing financial literacy issues)

Do you agree?
If the answer is yes and you would love having that kind of lifestyle for yourself as well, then try to ask yourself honestly;
1. Are you willing to shoulder more responsibilities on top of what you are having right now?
2. Are you willing to try out something new and solve more new problems?
3. Take a closer look into what you are doing, although you believe you have done your best, and try to find out if there is any more room for improvement (in general there is).

This is what a Successful Man is actually doing.