Rut To Riches board game (You will know how to calculate your actual financial health condition)

Rut To Riches board game (You will know how to calculate your actual financial health condition)

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This is the first time I get to expose with #RutToRiches game.

This is a different game of cashflow101. By Rich Dad Poor Dad.

This one helps you to see clearer of yourself financially and can directly apply to your actual life financial.

Trust me you haven’t encounter enough.
It’s not about invest into property or purchasing shares knowledge & etc.

Do let me know if you interested to expose yourself once.
(I don’t earn any commission or whatsoever benefit. Solely to help my friends here to expose yourself only).

Honestly you already in this game ever since you started studying & out to society for work. Like it or not you are playing.

How well you play in your financial, this game explain to you transparently with your own eyes. You will have your own answer.

In summary, if you had played Cashflow101 before you will know it guide you and lead you to the idea of financial freedom. (But not easy for you to apply directly to what you are at current financial condition. Correct?).

For this game, you will know how to apply your current financial status (your current income, investment, loans etc.) into their template form and know how to see clearly your current financial health and know how to calculate your own NET WORTH.

On top of that, you will learn where & why you did wrong.
How to decide in a correct way for you to ensure you are at a healthier financial condition.
Slowly, you will see your life is getting better and more meaningful.
The value of your life are getting better as well.

Cheers. Personally PM/DM or Whatsapp me if you with to understand better.
I have the introducer contact on this board game.
The game organize every forth nightly in Penang Island at University Science Malaysia (USM).

Oh ya, by now you should have been thinking this is too good to be true right?
Or there is no free lunch in this world.

They might be asking you to buy the board game for few hundreds or thousands of dollars?
Or some packaging that need you to pay monthly subscription to play this game?

No. You are wrong.
I thought that too initially.

Their purpose organizing this game is to ensure everyone learn how to calculate while playing this game.
They will teach you how to play while playing and learn to make the correct decision while facing similar life challenges.
This is what I learned during playing.

They are giving FREE for 1st timer to let you experience what is all about.
If you wish to play again, they will be charging a RM10 for next session. The RM10 also is for them to pay the hall rental (basically operating cost only).

Honestly, I only play once and already know how to calculate the whole thing .
(Might be because I had played Cashflow101 more than 10 times)
So, actually 1 time is good enough unless you wish to practice more.

Now you know the reason why I share this here.

As I received quite a few request to register for the game, below is the upcoming workshop & contact person for you to register yourself a seat.

The coming workshop will be;
Date: 2 oct 2019 (usually every 2 weeks once, best contact Jimmy for the updated date)
Location: Eureka Hall, USM
Time: 8pm – 10pm
Attire: Smart Casual

Contact and register your name to Jimmy 0164432272

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