True story experienced by our couple

Do you know how TERRIBLE you may end up if choosing a wrong photographer? (True story experienced by our couple)

Have you heard before some of your friend who encounted bad experienced engaging a wedding photographer?

Below are some common experience found by unlucky couples;
1. A promised that not able to deliver (Photos turn out not as they saw in fb or website)
2. Worry & Stressful (After engaged, no responds from photographer until you keeps followup with them)
3. Irresponsible (When things turn out badly, the photographer just gone missing!)

Let me share with you a real story shared by my couple. Let me call them Mr. J & Ms. M.

Initially they engaged a photographer with a slightly lower budget due Indian Engagement is a small event.
A quality that is acceptable (but not exceptionally good) for couple is good enough to document down their first small event.

After engaged the photographer, there are no communications with the couple before ceremony.
The couple got no idea will the photographer be there or not? What time the photographer will arrive? Full of worry and stress to the couple before ceremony start.

After done photographed, few months passed by with not responds from the photographer.
The couple got no choice but to contact them, and keep asking to see their ceremony photos.
After few followups, the photos with printed album is finally delivered.
(Note: The couple do not get the choice to choose the photos to be printed at the album and they forced to accept that as the final delivery.)

The nightmare comes.
They encounted the photos is terribally shot!
Blur! Dark! Moments are wrongly captured!
The photos is not what they want to be printed at the album.
As you recalled at the begining of the story, They are Mr.J & Ms.M.
It is very common that the couple’s name to be engraved at their rings & detail shot of the ring concept as below.

Note: The above example was shot by me personally based on the photographer concept. This not the actual shot.

To make things worst, the above ring shot was printed at The First Page in Full! Without knowing it and deliver to the couple!
The couple complain and they accept to fix the printed album.
After returning back the printed album, there is no sign of the photographer respond ANYMORE!
The bride even shared until cry in front of me.
There goes the beautiful memories turn out to be a nightmare experience for the couple.

Wedding photographer DO take a very important roll and responsibilities to a wedding couple.
Do NOT take it lightly.

If you think this is a minority unlucky couple and you personally might not fall into this trap.
Let me tell you, I have a malay friend faced the similar problem and endup do not receive a single piece of her wedding photo after countless of chasing.
It’s been few years passed and my friend even have 2 kids now but not able to share their wedding memories to their kids at all.
They do exist around you (This type of company exist everywhere; if the company reputation tarnish just reopen another company. What’s the hassle?).
People do not share their bad experience personally or write in a blog does not mean it’s very little.

If you or your friends encountered the same experienced, do comment below.
Let’s create awareness.



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