Why Principle Photographer important for you? Unexpected problem on you wedding day? Principle Photographer knows what to do.

Why Principle Photographer important for you? Unexpected problem on you wedding day? Principle Photographer knows what to do.

From my 10 years experiences of being a full time wedding photographer, average of 70% couples will likely face the Unexpected Situation on their big day.

This is one of the common situations that gives headache to the couple.
Makeup artist can’t commit to schedule (late) !
What would be the impact on the couple and event?

Here are some possibilities. Your parents will have to rush to get you to the temple/hall on time. When you are in a rush, things could get tense and this could ruin everyone’s festive and jolly mood!

When the bride arrives at the wedding venue, she might be behind schedule and mess the whole arrangement.
Both bride & groom teams might be rushing and arriving at the same time.
Everyone might end up feeling stress out, grumpy and situation becomes disarray.

In your opinion, how would a least experience photographer & videographer react during the unexpected situation?
Either they will be bewildered, not sure of what to or decide which is important as things are not going according to plan on top of the stressful environment.
Do you think you could get perfect shots under such condition?

That is why you need a Principle Team? Reason?
They know how to react and determine your priority based on the situation.
They could use their long year experiences and knowledge to advice and reduce the problems for you.
Environment would be less stressful with their guidance and arrangement.
You will feel more secure and confident.

Above are the few reasons, below are other advantages you could get from BestianKelly Principal Team.
1. Able to create fun vibes at the event.
2. Capable to solve majority of the unexpected problems in short period of time or offer second best alternative.
3. Have keen eyes for details and notice the best angle at that very moment which others might not realize.

1. The Fun Vibe
Check out how the natural laughter we created especially for the uncles & aunties

2. The Unexpected
When things get;
– crowded
– messy
– rushing
– misinformed

Precious moments of yours are at risk!  Principle Photographer will assure you that beautiful shots of important moment is secured.
You buy insurance of safety net.

3. Attention to Detail

Found the clock?

From the advantages you can get from the Principle Team, you can see it’s not just about photography technicality.

It also covers outside the photography scope and will affect your photography outcome and moments.
This is the part where majority with the title “Professional Photographers” out there are not aware of.

This is why there are very few photographers that can produce good quality picture that capture so many meaningful moments, while majority only able to show you Thali Tying moment and Ending Portrait.

Why many photos could be taken during these two occasions? It’s because, many would usually have settle down and more relax during these moments

However, when things get out of hands or happens not according to plan, not all photographer could produce good photos cause their inexperience might resulted in disastrous shots.