Why Principle Photographer important for you?

Why Principle Photographer important for you?

As a full time wedding photographer for 10 years, in average 70% of the couples will be facing Unexpected Situation on their big day.

Let me share with you one of the common situation that will happen.
Imagine, if the makeup artist start late or can’t keep up with their committed time.
What do you think of the consequences?

Yes. Your parents will be rushing you to make a move to the temple/hall as you might miss out the best time to arrive there.
Things will start to get rush and tense!
Everyone just quickly rush over to the venue.

When reach temple/hall everything will be pile up.
Both bride & groom teams will be rushing and arrive at the same time.
Everyone stress out, grumpy and situation become stormy.

So, what do you think a least experience photographer & videographer will react?
Either they will get stunt by the situation, or not sure how to prioritize when everything is important…
Due to things are getting too random and tense.
Do you think in that condition will get you perfect shots?

So why Principle Team?
They know what is your priority based on the situation.
They will guide and reduce the messy situation for you.
Environment turns out to be less stressful with their guidance and arrangement.
You will feel more secure and confident.

Above is just one of the reasons, below are other advantages from BestianKelly Principal Team.
1. Able to bring up the environment vibe and fun.
2. Capable to solve majority of the unexpected problems in short period of time or get second best alternative.
3. Able to see something and know what’s the best angle for the moment that others not able to see.

1. The Fun Vibe
Check out how the natural laughters we created especially uncles & aunties

2. The Unexpected
When things gets;
– crowded
– messy
– rushing
– misinformed

Precious moments of yours are at risk!  Principle Photographer will assure you at this area.
You buy insurance of safety net.

3. Attention to Detail
Found the clock?

From all the advantages above by Principle Team, you can see it’s not about technically related to photography anymore right?
It’s way outside the photography scope, but yet it will affect your photography outcome and moments.
This is the part where majority of the title “Professional Photographers” out there do not aware on.

This is the time you will feel why there are very few photographer that can show so many moments, while majority only show you Thali Tying moment and Ending Portrait Only.
This is because that is the time everyone already stable down.

During the rushing moments you do not get to see their photos from other photographers because it might be disastrous.