Hotel Ballroom vs Hall (Which one cheaper?)

Hotel Ballroom vs Hall (Which one cheaper?)


Choosing a wedding venue is not always the easiest task in wedding preparations. While some offer the best-in-class facilities and dreamy atmosphere, there are tons of other factors that should be considered when picking the perfect setting for your dream wedding. The biggest question that couples often face when deciding on their wedding venue is, “Should I indulge myself with all the glitters and glam of a hotel wedding, or should I go down the budget path and invite more people to my community hall wedding?”

The following list will help you choose the best choice for you, your partner, your guests, and your pocket!

Hotel ballroom




  • Provides ample parking space for guests
  • Adequate manpower to serve all the guests
  • Comes equipped with:
    • A PA system
    • Beautiful lighting setup and chandelier
    • Food and beverages (catering)
    • Basic decoration
    • Projector(s)
    • Tables and chairs


  • Slightly more expensive than a multipurpose hall
  • Able to cater limited of guests compare to Hall


Multipurpose hall / School hall



  • Slightly cheaper than a hotel ballroom
  • Can cater to a bigger number of guests
  • Provides ample parking space


  • Lack of an elegant chandelier
  • Floor lighting and stage lighting (for some halls) are paid separately from the hall rental
  • Might need to add waiters/waitresses (to help serve and clean the tables, especially in a larger hall)
  • Need to source the following vendors separately:
    • PA system
    • Lighting
    • Caterer
    • Decorator
    • Projectors (add-on from the PA or lighting vendor)
    • Tables and chairs


There is no right or wrong venue for your wedding reception. On the one hand, a hotel ballroom may not be as expensive as you would have thought. In fact, it might be a cheaper option if your guests are fewer than 300. On the other hand, if you have 500 guests, then, the answer is a big community hall!

Either way, if you have good planning and resourcing skills, as well as creative people to help you plan it, your wedding reception, either at a hall or at a hotel, can be a breeze (and fun!).



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