Should I hire an assistant makeup artist?

Should I hire an assistant makeup artist?

Who are assistant makeup artists (AMAs), and what are their roles?
Are they the ones who hold pins and brushes for the main makeup artist (MUA)?

Of course not.

While non-experienced ones might be holding pins and brushes (and other miscellaneous chores) in the makeup room, professional AMAs help your family members with their makeup, hairdo, and saree tying.

For a smooth wedding, I would highly recommend hiring an AMA.

AMAs save a lot of your time. As he/she assists the main MUA with the family members’ makeup and styling, your main MUA’s work quality remains top-notch as he/she will be able to focus solely on your preparation, not others.

Let’s have a look at two usual scenarios when you hire a solo MUA.


Scenario #1 (common practice)
The MUA starts with the bride’s family members.

  1. The MUA ties the saree and completes hairdo and makeup for the bride’s mom, sister, and aunts (in general, there are around 4–5 ladies).
  2. The MUA will move to the bride.
  3. The MUA will be 50% exhausted before he/she even starts with the bride.
  4. Things will get rushed, and quality will be affected by the time the MUA starts with the bride.
  5. At the end of the makeup session, the bride will then encounter intense pressure from family members with the “best time to start ceremony is near” chatter. The MUA’s makeup quality will again be affected due to the rush.


The MUA starts with the bride, followed by her family members.

  1. The bride has to wake up earlier than usual to start with her makeup.
  2. The bride will be exhausted as she has just undergone her henna tattoo and nalunggu ceremony the day before!
  3. The bride will not encounter the same problems from item 3 to item 5 as Scenario #1.
  4. However, she will face extreme exhaustion due to lack of sleep and the long waiting time.

Based on the above two scenarios, it is evident that neither one of the scenarios sounds practical for a hectic wedding day. The best choice is to get an AMA.

If the MUA you plan to hire does not offer an experienced assistant, I suggest that you get another MUA that has one. Another alternative is you can get a second MUA who will exclusively take care of your family members on your wedding day.

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