Indian Wedding Budget Planning (for Groom & Bride)

Indian Wedding Budget Planning (for Groom & Bride)

One of the most important areas in any wedding preparation is budgeting. Budget planning is so important that it encompasses every other elements in the wedding. From the guest list, venue, photography and videography, and dowry, right down to the wedding favors, car decor, and other miscellaneous (sometimes last-minute) things, budget planning can be an overwhelming experience for couples! Here, we have prepared a breakdown of major items that should be considered in budget planning for the solemnization for both the groom’s and bride’s sides.


Groom’s side (host)

                                  Item                                                                                                                                      Budget                  


Venue fee: Hall or temple
Floor lighting, stage lighting (these are add-ons for some hall)
Priest (usually from the solemnization temple)

Venue decor

Bridal dais (pelamin)
Air cooler*
Live feed projector*


Nadeswaram (wedding musicians)

Wedding Items

Saree (for the bride)
Gold Thali (for the bride)
Gold jewelry (as the dowry)
Gold ring (for the best man)
Garland (1 large and 1 small for each groom and bride)
Veshti (for the groom and the best man)
Groomsmen’s suits and veshti (same design)*
Saree and veshti (for parents and siblings on the groom’s side)


Food and beverages


Invitation cards and postage


The budget on the bride side is not as extensive as the groom’s, especially if the main reception is hosted and financed by the groom. However, it covers a longer list of apparel and accessories and pre-wedding treatments, on which the groom and the groom side most probably spend less.

Bride’s side

                                  Item                                                                                                                                      Budget                  

Pre-wedding treatment (recommended by makeup artists)

Hair treatment
Body treatment
Manicure & pedicure

Apparel and Accessories

Gold (dowry for the groom)
Kuthu Villaku (for use at the groom’s house)
Makeup artist
Bangle set
Henna tattoo
Saree (for maid of honour)
Saree and veshti (for parents and siblings on the bride’s side
Bride Squad sarees or lengha (same design)*

Note: *Optional


The basic guideline budget starts at RM30,000 onwards

While the actual spending can differ, sometimes by thousands, from the estimated budget, the above lists can serve as a broad overview of what you need and what you can add to your wedding. As you start brainstorming ideas with your partner and approaching potential vendors, the price range of each item will become clearer.

The most important thing to understand when planning your budget is no two weddings are exactly alike. Your budget really depends on the things you are willing to spend your money on and the things you can forego. Clear communication with your partner and meticulous calculations will help you yield the ideal and pocket-friendly budget.

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