Amateur photographer vs iPhone

Amateur photographer vs iPhone

The above photo were sourced from Hayley and Nick Kelble’s Wedding (we do not own any copyrights of the above photo)

Common amateur photographer skills set will encounter (dark, blurry, underexposed & moment are wrongly captured).
Do not expect editing (to some might say Photoshop) able to solve the problem.
Editing is just like make up for a lady. It only enhanced from the original beauty of the person.

If it’s over edit, the photo will turn out lost of details, grainy or feels weird.
If the photographer captured blurry images there is nothing you can be done from editing side too.

The above photo were sourced from Hayley and Nick Kelble’s Wedding (we do not own any copyrights of the above photo)

The second picture shows how it will turn out even they did whatever they can with editing.

How to avoid similar unfortunate wedding photo scenarios. Here’s some advice:

  • Do your research.
    It’s okay to ask friends for their recommendations, but don’t just take their word for it. “Even if you trust who’s referring, make sure you research reviews on websites like FB reviews & etc.
  • Set up in-person meetings.
    Skype or FaceTime calls can also be helpful in determining whether or not the photographer is a good fit. “So much of the photography relationship is based on chemistry and personality,” she said. “Ask lots of questions to gauge if their style meets your wants.”
  • Get everything in writing.
    If a photographer says you don’t need a contract, don’t use them. “Contracts are the only sure bet that your vendor can be held accountable for your agreement,” she said. “Make sure your expectations and package are clearly spelled out: number of hours, number of shooters, number of images and prints, albums, and what happens in the event there is a dispute.”
  • Do an engagement shoot.
    “An engagement shoot is fun! But it’s also a great opportunity to test the waters with your photographer beforehand,” Jacobs said. (It’s relevant for Malaysia too)


This story was found at Insider.
Do checkout their detail story with this link;


The reason I blog this is to bring up the attention for couples to aware of the potential problems happen engaging Amateur Photographers or Freelance Photographers.

Below link is another real story happened in Malaysia.

Do you know what common problems will encounter by amateur photographer?

This is why experience photographer able to deliver what amateur photographer can’t.



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