True Story. Huge Losses. Regretful Couple.

True Story. Huge Losses. Regretful Couple.

True Story. Huge Losses. Regretful Couple.

Do you know how MISERABLE you may end up if you choose the wrong photographer? (True story experienced by our couple)

Are you one of those who think a photographer’s work is an easy and simple job, only requires few “clicks” and that’s it? That why it’s not worth to pay more than RM2k ?

If your answer is YES, you might want to read the story below. It is VERY IMPORTANT and it will take less than 5mins of your time.

Does someone you know had bad experience with wedding photographers before?

These are some common problems faced by unlucky couples;
1. A promised that not able to deliver (Photos turn out not as good as those uploaded on social media or website)
2. Worrisome & Stressful (After engaged, no responds from photographer until you keeps followup with them)
3. Irresponsible (When things turn out bad, the photographer suddenly go missing!)

Let me share a real story experienced by my couple. I’ll call them Mr. J & Ms. M.

This couple found a photographer who offered low price (slightly below operational cost) for the Indian engagement ceremony which was held in small scale.
The quality of the photographer’s previous album was acceptable (but not exceptionally good), however, the couple thought it was good enough to document their first small event.

They hired the photographer (due to the cheap price) and it’s been downhill ever since. After deposit payment made, there was NO communication at all between the couple and the photographer before the ceremony.

The couple was at lost. They should be enjoying the moments before they entered new phase in their live but instead they had to spend the last minutes before the ceremony worrying and thinking about their photographer.

What time will he arrives? Will he be there on time? What must they do if he doesn’t turn up?

Finally, he arrived and take the shots of the ceremony, BUT the couple’s headache didn’t end there. After the ceremony, they didn’t hear any words from him for more than 6 months. In the end, they contacted him multiple times to follow up about the photos and finally they received the printed album.

(Note: The couple was not shown the raw copy of the photos nor consulted on photo selection before the album was printed)

The moment they lay their eyes on the album, their heart pumped not in joy but in dismay and disappointment.
They spent their money just to get terrible shots of their important day!
The photos are Blur! Dark! Significance moments, expressions and gestures were not captured! Irrelevant subjects or people become the focus!

Everything was wrong and misplaced!

For example the picture of the couple’s ring.
Indian engagement ceremony is also known as the Ring Ceremony. Therefore, exchanging ring and the ring itself should be among the main focus of the day.
Usually the couple would engrave their name on the rings and this should be highlighted in the photo.

Note: The above example was shot by me personally based on the photographer concept. This not the actual shot.

Not only the ring photo was poorly captured but to make things worse, the above ring shot was printed on the album’s First Page in Full! The picture showing both ring engraved with J initial instead of J and M.

The couple immediately complained to the photographer and he agreed to fix the mistakes on the album. As agreed upon, they returned the album but instead of having it fixed as promised, the photographer ‘disappeared’. There is no sign of him and all calls and texts were left unanswered.

Can you imagine the couple’s feeling at that time? The bride burst into tears when she recounted the unfortunate event to me. They were so disappointed, upset and crushed. They loss their money and most importantly they lost the chance to turn their precious moments into timeless memories. They were left with no pictures of their engagement day for them to keep.

To sum up, the couple spend their hard earned RM2000 but end up with lifetime disappointment & regret. 

From this story, we can see that wedding photographer plays a very important role and has a huge responsibility on that big day.

That is the BIG WHY you SHOULD NOT take it lightly.

If you think that such unfortunate events are isolated cases and you would not end up like the unlucky couple, you couldn’t have been more wrong.
It could happen to anyone including YOU.

Besides Mr. J and Ms. M, I have a Malay friend who encountered similar problem and she did not receive a single piece of her wedding photo from the photographer even after countless attempts.
Few years have passed and my friend is blessed with 2 adorable children now. Sadly she is unable to share the wedding album while describing the sweet and memorable stories of each photos to their children.


These irresponsible photographers or photography companies do exist around you (If their image or reputation tarnished, they could just recreate another profile or account and start all over again. As simple as that!).

Just because some victims choose not to share their bad experience publicly or on social media, does not mean the number of cases is insignificant and it is a small matter.

If you or someone you know encountered similar problems, do leave your comment below.

Let’s create awareness.

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unethical videographer

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