1 Photographer for your wedding day. Is it enough? Or problematic?

1 Photographer for your wedding day. Is it enough? Or problematic?

Recently, many photography companies offer 1 photographer or 1 videographer package. One of the main reason is due to increasing demand of such package from couples. This is aimed at reducing cost by reducing manpower expenses.

True, 1 photographer / 1 videographer package would definitely cut down the budget in term of manpower, equipment and etc. but how efficient would it be? Will the quality of the work turn out as good as the work of multiple photographers? As the saying goes, two heads are better than one.

Potential risk of engaging 1 photographer package;
1. Missing nice angles – one person cannot get different views at the same time. If he is taking photos from the Bride’s angle
(on the right side), he might miss the moments taking place at the Groom’s side (on the left).

2. Blocked or Knock – Imagine if the ONLY photographer’s view is blocked during crucial moment such as Thali tying
ceremony. At the right moment, just as the photographer about to click the shutter, suddenly someone pass by or
accidentally knock on him and there is no backup photo from other photographer.

3. Technical issues affect moments – The photographer needs to handle lighting setup and arrangement (from time
to time when required) all by himself. Imagine the couple standing at point A (with poor lighting) suddenly move
to point B, he have to adjust the lighting and the camera angle at the same time. While doing so, some important
moment have missed.

4. Simultaneous moment – 1 Photographer can’t handle different moment that take place simultaneously. Imagine if bride & groom arrive at the wedding venue in different cars at the same time. He has no choice but to capture the arrival moment of either the bride or groom and miss the other side.

5. Group Photo no Candid – If the photographer is handling Group Photo, there is no one to handle candid shots


Potential risk of engaging 1 videographer package;
1. 1 Man handling 2 moving camera – Due to current cinematic trend, at least 2 moving cameras are required
simultaneously to create a beautiful video (1 person can’t move 2 camera at the same time)

2. Technical issues affect moments – Transition from one camera to another moving tool is time consuming thus
you will lose your moments (refer to Equipment Switching diagram below).

3. Blocked or Knock – In case the view of the ONLY videographer is blocked, that moment could not be captured and there
will be no backup from other angle.

      Equipment Switching

However, engaging TOO MANY manpower in a team could be troublesome too. Three and above could be a crowd.
You could end up seeing your photographer/videographer in your photo most of the time. The ideal number of photographer for a wedding is 2 (2 photographers & 2 videographers). That should be more than enough to cover as many important moments as possible during your big day. For example, you will have the photos of the cultural ceremonies and also the priceless expressions from the crowd especially your family members which took place simultaneously.


Why BestianKelly Photography PROMISE the above problems will not happen to you?
1. How to ensure you deliver the photos that I want?
After engaged us. We will have guides & plan advice in our questionnaires (helps you in your plan to run smoothly &
allow us to understand better what is important for you so we will concentrate more in that area for you)

2. When I can get my photos?
After ceremony, we have Timeline Progress  (you able to keep track when you going to get your album as promised)

3. How can I ensure your team are reliable?
We are a 10yrs company, full time Photography team only. We wouldn’t risk our reputation. Basically our process have all
covers for you to ensure worry free after engaging us.)

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