Surveying for a skillful photographer that not expensive? How to find one?

Surveying for a skillful photographer that not expensive? How to find one?


Majority couples would usually do these when searching for their wedding photographer:
1. Select all the wedding photos that you find interesting and beautiful from Google/social media.
2. Check the reviews or feedback from the photographers’ previous customers. Good feedback? Any bad experience or negative
3. Some might skip the feedback part and immediately contact the photographer to learn more about their product details,
package contents and price.

This is what you might do, am I right? Is this method wrong?

It is not totally wrong, BUT there are potential problems that you might encounter by doing so.
1. Do you know, there are chances that maybe the few photos you saw on Facebook or other social media platform may NOT be
their latest photo album? The photos uploaded might be their very few lucky shots from the last 5years. Even worse, it might
be someone else’s creative work that they claim to be theirs.
2. Do you know that some package offers photo frames or big album for the sake of marketing gimmick? It makes you feels like
the package is cheap considering the ‘free gifts’ but as we all know, nothing comes free in this world. More often than not, the
so called free gifts have been included in the price, or it is made of low quality materials.
3. Are they getting lots of reviews or just few? How can you be sure that the few feedbacks are from their customers and not fake
reviews written by the photographers’ family or friends?

Be caution, as the above risks might happen to you!

The worst situation our passed couple experienced before are this type of photographer.
1. A promised that not able to deliver (Photos turn out not as they saw in Facebook or website)
2. Worry & Stressful (After engaged, no responds from photographer until you keeps followup with them)
3. Irresponsible (When things turn out badly, the photographer just gone missing!)

Having to deal with all three problems at the same time would be a total headache and dreadful.
But even fall into one of them are hurtful enough.

If you like to check out complete story of the situation just click below link; 

Misallocation of photography budget? These are among the common reasons:
i. Parents’ interference in budget decision (Some parents are carried away with the photography pricing during their
time. Back then it was way cheaper as there were no “Cinematic” or “Lighting Effect” technique like nowadays. These effects
help to make your memorable pictures outstanding and of course, to make a good quality product is costly.)

ii. Wrong budget allocation priority ( Example: Over budget allocation for Catering or other
few hours moment shine vendors”  vs “lifetime memories to keep vendors“ )

iii. Market price range is too wide for instance: RM500 to RM10k+ range (caused by the mushrooming unskilled
freelancers / part time photographers in the market which resulted in huge gap in the price.)

iv. ‘Photography are just few clicks work’ mindset. To some people, ‘everyone can click thus its not worth to pay much.
Well, not everyone can click at the right angle and moment.

Due to the couple’s wrong budget allocation, the photographers might be forced not only to reduce the price below the actual operation cost but also the quality of the product.

Why is this happening?

The easiest way to close the deal is by reducing the Package rate until they are able to compete with the part-time photographers’ rate.

How does a photography company could afford to offer very cheap price?

Employ part-timer/hobby photographers (lower pay compared to the full-time or professional) and assign them for YOUR WEDDING photo shoots.

What is the quality of the photos are you expecting from such low budget? Will you get a stunning wedding photos to be kept for the rest of your life if the photographer is lack of skill, experience and equipment?


Some might wonder, is it worth to allocate more budget on a proper memory recording vendors like Photographers or Videographers? Let us put it this way. Wedding, for many is a lifetime experience, lots of sweats and money were spent in order to make the ceremony a success. To ensure everyone has a good time at your wedding reception.

Once the Big Day has ended, all that’s left are the priceless memories of the special moments. How long will the memories last? How long can you vividly remember the emotion and detail of the day? Sooner or later, the memories will fade away as time goes by.

That is why, having the ‘right’ photos is truly important. Not just ‘posing’ photos but the candid moments that are skillfully captured. These photos could bring you back to that very day, reminding you of the beautiful and happy time in your life, even after years or decades of marriage.  You could look at the photo and recalled the small yet meaningful gestures that you did or when you burst out laughing and say “OMG. Did I did that on that day?”

Do you honestly think, just any photographer can produce such photos for you? Will the amateur/ inexperience photographers have the knowledge, skills or observation to get a candid photo which could tell you thousand words? Will they be able to tell which expression and gesture is important to be shot right there and then (candid) or will they be focusing too much on posing and group photos?

The choice is yours, but then again, the moment will only happen once. You can redo the wedding reception or retake Pre Wedding photo (such as studio shots) but the feeling and memories will definitely not be the same! There won’t be the face of your joyful guests or your parents with tears of joys in their eyes in the photo.

Do you agree?

Why BestianKelly Photography PROMISE the above problems will not happen to you?
1. How to ensure you deliver the photos that I want?
After engaged us. We will have guides & plan advice in our questionnaires (helps you in your plan to run smoothly &
allow us to understand better what is important for you so we will concentrate more in that area for you)

2. When I can get my photos?
After ceremony, we have Timeline Progress  (you able to keep track when you going to get your album as promised)

3. How can I ensure your team are reliable?
We are a 10yrs company, full time Photography team only. We wouldn’t risk our reputation. Basically our process have all
covers for you to ensure worry free after engaging us.)


Understand more real facts about BestianKelly & Testimony 😉(Wordings & Videos)

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Is your big day fall in good wedding month?
Is your big day fall under weekends?
Then do not think twice if you have found the right photographer.
Experience photographer are booked 1 to 2 years in advance.
(There is a reason behind why they are booked so early)

Honestly, how many experience photographers have you found online?
If this is one of them that shortlisted, I would suggest do not delay as they might not be available on the following day.