Insider Tips for Couple: Couple Group Chat

Insider Tips for Couple: Couple Group Chat

Couple create Your Own Wedding Group Chat, it can be any Apps such as WeChat, Line, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp etc.
Personally I recommend WhatsApp as it able to “Search Back”, “Check Media”,“Check Documents” and “Check Links”.

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– It’s FREE
– easy to manage
– easy to refer back (check back media and links such as vendor’s website, screenshot deco & etc)
– budget allocation

Speaking of Budget Allocation, a side note for you to consider.

You can allocate your budget based on highest priority to the lowest.
Normally the highest priority vendor is the most important for you & hold the heaviest responsibility in your big day.

Lists of common vendors for Indian Wedding are;
1. Wedding Venue (Temple / Hall / Hotel)
2. Photographer
3. Videographer
4. Makeup Artist
5. Garlands
6. Caterer
7. Decor
8. Lighting
9. Dancer
10. DJ/MC

Additional Vendors;
1. PreWedding Photographer
2. Nalunggu Photographer
3. Dhol
4. PhotoBooth
5. Wedding Car Rental & etc.

Do comment below if you recall any vendors that I missed out from the list.

Hope you guys learn some tips from todays topic.
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Is your big day fall in good wedding month?
Is your big day fall under weekends?
Then do not think twice if you have found the right photographer.
Experience photographer are booked 1 to 2 years in advance.
(There is a reason behind why they are booked so early)

Honestly, how many experience photographers have you found online?
If this is one of them that shortlisted, I would suggest do not delay as they might not be available on the following day.

Grab yours before they are not available for you!